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All contestants are presenting their projects to 5 judges. Teams was still excited although tired.

The judges are very surprised by 15 different applications and we guess that they will be very confused to choose the winner.


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Farm Helper is a mobile application which helps farmers look up information about how to take care of plants, fertilizer prices.

Wishing you sucess, DTeam!

Posted on 16 Sep 2012, 8:35 am by hien

Most of the contestants are off lunch to complete the final part of the work. They are very excited by team's product.

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After a night of white and in a room with man made wind through air conditioner, the spirit of the contestants seems to be constrained, at least lacks of natural flavor of sun wind.

Time slowly went on, the initial feeling gradually fades.  The excitement and enthusiasm are now to be about to be swallowed by the sleep attack. Some contestants have been non-stop fighting with the daily needs, subjecting to a number of symptoms like: yawning, blacken ring on their eyes, messy hair, especially, stared at the screen turned off black.

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Look around the gaming room, some of the group went off to save their strength to fight for the next day whlie the rest is determined to finish their project for fear of tomorrow will not enough time ... 12 hours left from now on for contestants submit their project and present the idea of ​their group. Competition time was narrowed down, sprint stage started. Encountered a group seems excited:

Reporter: It seems that you do not feel the pressure, could you tell how many percentage of the project has achieved?


This application is developed to solve the traffic problems of Ho Chi Minh city. Traffic jams happen very often, especially in the rush hours. Consequently, people in the jams are usually not certain about their ways to go and get stuck unexpectedly if they are new to the city or they do not notice.

Our application is to develop the idea as the same as the winning idea of m2Work idea name Smart Blackboard – Micro-Tutorials. We also adjust it for our country.

You want to learn a new language with native voice, local picture and even a strange language in the world that you can’t find any teacher or dictionary, X-Dict will help you do that. X-dict is a multilanguage dictionary including all language in the world the each word, picture and voice are contributed by a native by using mobile and internet.

If you’re in a coffee shop, a restaurant or a strange place and you want to have information about this place, our software can help you.

First open your winphone, run application Location Network, then take a photograph of there. This application is going to give you an information like address, feature,… or anything we know about there; in the other hand, you can be the first person who take a photo and upload it to our server and can get a small gift for your support.

It's an application used to help the deaf or the mute communicate to each other easily, beside used for normal people.