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Gorato Works Pvt. Ltd

Hi My name is Regendra and I am tech Enthusiast. I did BSc in Computing from University of Portsmouth U.K. Currently I have started a company called Gorato Works Pvt. Ltd here in Nepal and USA. We are focusing on Mobile Application Development. My role in a company is requirement analysis and Project management . Beside business I would like to help a community to build a smarter cities using mobile technology . I want to make people of Underdeveloped Nation like us to use Technology and make their life easier.and better . Other than technology I am very much interested in History , art , architectural, Science, Sports and Music. I am looking forward to take part in this Hackathon and experience this new adventure on my lifebook.

Involved Ideas

Farmers in Nepal are currently facing problem due to diseases and epidemic in plant and animals. If we see the trends of last five years plants and animals are suffering from new type of diseases, making difficult for farmer to diagnosis those diseases. Some of those diseases are incurable by medicines that are available in local market. Such incurable diseases need global attention for problem solving.