Company / Organization/ Institution: 
Robotics Association of Nepal

 By the 4 years i spent in Kathmandu Engineering college, my certificates certify me as an electronics and communication engineer  and I am am robotics enthusiast currently woking as general secretary at robotics association of nepal having a keen interest on technology in whatever forms it may take from progrmming to making hardware projects .Interested in programming from my childhood i have been active in robotics for nowadays.i completed my schol from whitefield Higher Secondary School and also completed my +2 from the same institution.i hav previously worked in and also with Softweb Solutions.As working for the Robotics Association of Nepal I goto different School, colleges, Engineering Colleges and institutions for the robotics seminars,trainings and workshop and try to spread the knowledge and the passion of robotics and embeded systems. 

Involved Ideas

People are facing various problems day by day with simple questions not being answered. Every people may not have access to internet and even if the person has access to the internet it s not sure that the person will get the answer. A system can be built comprised with thousands of microworkers where they can earn money with the knowledge of their related field. It will create a network of information where questions and answers will flow in and out from concerned person to person and the whole system being more and more intelligent.