Company / Organization/ Institution: 
Bajra Technologies

Hi My name is Dipendra Pokharel. did BSc in Computer Science And Information Technology (BSc. CSIT) from Amrit Campus, Lainchour, Nepal. Currently I am working at Bajra Technologies, Uttardhoka,  as android application developer. I am very excited to be a part of m2Work Hackathon and will develop a simple application in android which helps microworkers throughout the globe to earn money through simple clicks in their mobile.

Involved Ideas

Any organization that want to get feedback from their audience, sends a simple form to our system and our system will make that form available to the mobile application. A microworker who want to be part of a survey gets app and through the application he/she fill or send to other who are connected to them. Application installed in the microworker’s mobile will  ask for the form and the server sends the form to the application. Survey data will be changing in time period or as requirement of organization.