After a night of white and in a room with man made wind through air conditioner, the spirit of the contestants seems to be constrained, at least lacks of natural flavor of sun wind.

Time slowly went on, the initial feeling gradually fades.  The excitement and enthusiasm are now to be about to be swallowed by the sleep attack. Some contestants have been non-stop fighting with the daily needs, subjecting to a number of symptoms like: yawning, blacken ring on their eyes, messy hair, especially, stared at the screen turned off black.

And about 30 hours left, the contest will come to an end. Finish the period of time relatively long, finish the 48 hour eating, housing working together to create something meaningful. For you, maybe this time is just something very tiny as compared with professional life but this contest itself make a good chance  for you to find something better for yourself. Anyway, perhaps it is still early to say something..

With moments tired, let's see the contestants how difficulties they are facing on!

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