Look around the gaming room, some of the group went off to save their strength to fight for the next day whlie the rest is determined to finish their project for fear of tomorrow will not enough time ... 12 hours left from now on for contestants submit their project and present the idea of ‚Äčtheir group. Competition time was narrowed down, sprint stage started. Encountered a group seems excited:

Reporter: It seems that you do not feel the pressure, could you tell how many percentage of the project has achieved?

99% done and only 1% left. Surely I need to do it all day long!

Reporter: How do you feel Hackathon contest be held in mLab?

In my opinion, the competition is not well exactly its name. If the "Marathon", do not let any inhouse team have full time to think about their ideas at home. Contestants only show their performance here after well preparing at home, so it is not just a competition. On the other hand, the competition gave the group unleash your reativity without constraints in the framework of a general competition.

Reporter: Many thanks for your comments for Organization Board, we will try to improve the next competition so that you will get a fair gaming field and useful. Wish you early finish the remaining 1% of the group. Wish you luck too!

Leave the group to the next nearby, we encountered a student - Group one-member limited liability company.

Reporter: Do you take the contest by yourself?

Right! Friends were invited to be accompanied but this contest seems so strange, they do not enter one. I personally have many ideas involved if my idea whether feasible or not and this competition will be an experience to assess my ability to somewhere.

Reporter: Experience 2 nights sleepless and just do all lonely, how do you feel?

A little tired but learned a lot and make friend with some good professional seniors.

Reporter: Luck and success in your career path, I wish!



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