The winners for the m2work hackathon sep 15 - 16 in Nepal are:

2nd runner up : Digitize newspaper Articles


1st runner up:  NewsportalApp


Winner : Medic Info


Congratulations to all the winners.

The evaluation and decision were not easy for the judges. After the presentation ceremony, judges wanted to see more of the products. So, judges short listed  5 teams for more elaborate demonstrations. They wanted to play around with the products. The more the judges played with the products the more their jaws dropped. Totally amazed that the people could produce such detailed and complete work in just two days. They were mesmerized by the UI designs, the functionalities and coolness of the Apps. Judges were so engrossed in the demonstrations that they forgot to check time. The evaluation and presentation took more than 4 hours. They believed that the teams deserved to be watched and evaluated in depth and in detail. The more they admired the products the more tougher it became to chose three winners for the m2work hackathon.

Finally, they picked three better and complete products. But they repeatedly appreciated all the products developed during the hackathon and wished that they would continue their work to produce even polisehd products. During the Award ceremony, everybody cheered, whistled and clapped everybody's work. People looked tired after 2 intensive days but their spirits were visibly fresh. Freshness came from the happiness to become winners. Not only us but also all the hackers believed that no matter what results were everybody was a winner. m2work hackathon was a winner.

Congratulations to all the hackers. We are proud to have you all for the hackathon!


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Mon, 09/17/2012 - 01:38

A huge congratulations to all the winners.


Mon, 09/17/2012 - 05:28

Congratulations to the Winners. It was really  a praiseworthy effort from every single hacker eventhough three deserving teams came out as winners !!