The M2Work Hackthon has come to an end with crowning of four teams as winners. The global event was conducted across the five m:Labs in the world. In Kenya, participants came up with 10 ideas, forming 10 teams. The teams concentrated on developing their ideas to prototypes overnight with no third party, with mentorship sessions being held periodically for insight purposes.  

After the hacking period came to an end, the teams did brief demos of their working prototypes to the judges, after which they pitched against each other for the top prizes.

The winning teams of the M2Work Hackathon are:

1st Prize :Tafsiri
Tafsiri is a solution that aims to provide companies or organizations translation of specific information to the language of the local community, creating employment to multitudes. See more at http://m2workhackathon.org/ideas/kenya/tafsiri

2nd Prize: Smart Blackboard
Smart Blackboard is a solution that allows students to pose questions while doing their homework or preparing for tests and receive answers from qualified teachers. See more at http://m2workhackathon.org/ideas/kenya/smart-blackboard

3rd Prize: MobiAgent
MobiAgent is a solution that gives its user the ability to be an agent and get commission every time he/she sells a product e.g. event tickets to people on his/her phone contacts. See more at http://m2workhackathon.org/ideas/kenya/mobiagent

4th Prize: Kaisari
A compliance and authenticity  monitoring system that enables organizations and/or individuals to track down fake products and/or  non-compliant individuals. See more at http://m2workhackathon.org/ideas/kenya/kaisari

From all the participating teams in the Hackathon, two still have a chance of receiving Traction fund worth USD 2,000 each, if they demonstrate interest and potential to develop their prototypes to finished products.

Congrats to the winners and to all the participants for coming up with brilliant and promising ideas. Let us bring the concept of mobile microwork to life.