Posted on 17 Sep 2012, 12:56 pm by derrick


Over ten teams participated and produced solutions, all finding innovative ways of mobilizing an untapped work force to do micro jobs and earn some income.

We are very proud of everyone who participated in this very worthy event to raise awareness about unemployment and Micro Work.

Posted on 16 Sep 2012, 7:20 am by derrick

I has been a long first day and night of coding and while some teams took turns to sleep others pushed straight through the night to get their m2work applications ready for this afternoon's presentations. 

The energy here at mLab is still very high and after breakfast everyone seems refocused and determine to win this challenge. 

Less than five and a half hours remain....

Posted on 15 Sep 2012, 3:39 pm by derrick


Wow, time is flying here at mLab Southern Africa as participants got cracking on their ideas after this morning's session. m2work is not an easy concept to translate at first and some of our teams have gone through multiple iterations of their ideas to really find the m2work value and making it possible for many more people to contribute and earn money from doing micro work.

Posted on 15 Sep 2012, 10:06 am by derrick

The South African leg of infoDev's global m2work Hakcathon has officially kicked off at mLab Southern Africa at The Innovation Hub in Tshwane. Despite the chilly spring morning participants arrived in high spirits, signed in and headed to the mLab kitchen to get some coffee and tea to worm up for what promisses to be another epic mLab hackathon.


An application that users can download for their operator to monitor signal & services, that randomly selects Micro Workers to track services.

An open service to push out "wants" and registered micro workers can perform the task and get payment.

Instead of a University department employing a specific student as a full time tutor they can allow students to register as virtual tutors and answer questions from students for a small fee.

Everyday thousands of people travel on different bus routes. Turning the passengers into micro working incident reporters we can turn them into productive data capturers on specific topics while they travel from point A to B

The microworker receives a push notification from the background app asking for a translation that is according to his/her registered language. The microworker translates the text and sends it back  to the server. If that specific translation was chosen, his/her rank is increased and the microworker is credited an amount.