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An application that users can download for their operator to monitor signal & services, that randomly selects Micro Workers to track services.

An open service to push out "wants" and registered micro workers can perform the task and get payment.

Instead of a University department employing a specific student as a full time tutor they can allow students to register as virtual tutors and answer questions from students for a small fee.

Everyday thousands of people travel on different bus routes. Turning the passengers into micro working incident reporters we can turn them into productive data capturers on specific topics while they travel from point A to B

The microworker receives a push notification from the background app asking for a translation that is according to his/her registered language. The microworker translates the text and sends it back  to the server. If that specific translation was chosen, his/her rank is increased and the microworker is credited an amount.

 A platform that allows Job seekers to post services that they offer on a portal. Secondly the platform will allow Consumers to post information about services that they need (Service Requests). The micro workers that manage the portal will look around for people that match those criteria.

There are many people performing jobs as informal car guards and we can turn them into micro workers by allowing them to confirm vehicle records by entering the registration number and confirming the basic information of the vehicle.

employing micro workers (family members or trusted unemployed healthworkers) to catpure medical records digitally in rural clinics.

allowing micro workers to digital capture invoices and slips to facilitate book keeping services.