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Dr. Nama R. Budhathoki

Dr. Nama R. Budhathoki
Independent Researcher
Short Bio

Dr. Nama R. Budhathoki earned his doctorate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2010. For the doctoral dissertation, he studied the phenomenon of crowdsourcing, taking the case of After the completion of his doctoral study, he worked at McGill University for a year as post-doctoral research fellow. He then returned to Nepal and worked as the Director of Program at Niti Foundation—a policy research and funding institution—for a year. Currently, he works as an independent researcher with focus in Nepal. His interest and expertise lie at the intersection of crowdsourcing, collective action and civic engagement. He is particularly interested in understanding how citizens’ access to social and mobile media transforms their lives and what implications it brings to democracy, governance and development.

Dr. Budhathoki worked for about eight years in public sector in Nepal before commencing his doctoral study. During those years, he worked actively to introduce information and communication technologies in Nepal’s land administration and contributed to make land related services more transparent and accessible to public.

Dr. Budhathoki has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses at University of Illinois and McGill University. He has authored more than a dozen refereed papers and book chapters, and is currently co- editing a book tentatively titled "Youth Community Informatics: Engaging Youth in Community Building and Personal Growth". Dr. Budhathoki has presented his works and organized sessions at international conferences. His past works have mainly been funded by US Federal Government, Canadian government, Dutch government, and Yahoo!.


Mr. Manoj Shakya

Manoj Shakya
Coordinator of Dept. of CE - Kathmandu University
Short Bio

Mr. Manoj Shakya is a coordinator of Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Kathmandu University. He has been involved in academic since 2001. He earned his Master degree in Computer Engineering from Hunan University , China. His interests lie in Programming Methodology, Algorithm Design and Analysis etc.

Mr. Shakya has taught different undergraduate and graduate courses at Kathmandu University.He also supervises graduate thesis related to Cloud Computing and Undergraduate projects related to Android applications.

Mr. Mark Sears

Mark Sears
CEO - CloudFactory
Short Bio

After doing tech startups in Canada and the US for about 10 years, Mr. Mark Sears has spent the last 4 years living in Nepal and using his unique blend of technology and business experience to develop CloudFactory towards creating microtask work for 1 million people. He started his career as a software developer with Sun Microsystems before finding his groove in the world of startups. Moving into technology evangelism and product management roles he helped a 5 person startup grow to 130 employees across 4 international offices after raising $48 million in venture capital. Mark then raised angel investment, launched and managed his own startup company for 6 years before coming to Nepal and starting the CloudFactory adventure.

Mr. Suman Shakya

Suman Shakya
Chairman - Digitainment Pvt. Ltd
Short Bio


Mr. Suman Shakya has over 17 years experience in strategy and marketing in Nepali organizations. He is currently Chairman of Digitainment Pvt. Ltd (providing Value Added Service [VAS] on mobilephones and distributing Nepali music globally on mobile phones and online). He is the Managing Director of One Planet Solutions Pvt. Ltd (promoting Rain Water Harvesting through SmartPaani). 

He is also associated with and Beesants Trading Ltd. and doing consultancy and training. Suman completed his Diploma in Foreign Trade and MBA from Calcutta, India. 

Known for his understanding of the Nepali market and aptly called marketing strategist and guru, he taught at Kathmandu University School of Management for over five years. Currently, he is an adjunct faculty of Marketing at Ace Institute of Management. He is also the Immediate Past President of Everest Toastmasters Club, an important hub of a global network that trains people to become better communicators and leaders.


Mr. Sushil Pandey

Shushil Pandey
ICT Specialist - ICIMOD
Short Bio

Mr. Sushil Pandey is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Specialist and currently heads the information technology (IT) unit in ICIMOD’s Integrated Knowledge Management (IKM) Programme. He has 16 years of experience in the area of ICT and ICT for knowledge management and development.  From 2004 to 2010, Sushil  served as a member of the Panel of Authors on Digital Review of Asia Pacific and produced biennial reviews on ICT in Nepal and its use in the region, including reviews on emerging ICT technologies for the Asia Pacific.  He has also served as a jury member for the mbillionth South Asia award 2012 that recognizes and honours mobile innovations for developmental use.