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Digitizing newspapers or valuable documents from Libraries that are important. Server will analyse image, process it and split it into small chunks.These chunks will be sent to microworkers who will be converting image into textual form from mobile applications and send it to server. The server will process the submitted result, validate it, pay the worker and finally generate complete information.

Any organization that want to get feedback from their audience, sends a simple form to our system and our system will make that form available to the mobile application. A microworker who want to be part of a survey gets app and through the application he/she fill or send to other who are connected to them. Application installed in the microworker’s mobile will  ask for the form and the server sends the form to the application. Survey data will be changing in time period or as requirement of organization.

People wanting to digitize their document [ or either in case of goverment ] will take the snapshot of the document and send it to server. Server will analyse image, process if necessary and split it into small chunks. Now these chunks will be sent to microworkers who will be actually convert image into textual form by inputting data on system [ that could be either in online form or mobile application ] and send it to server where data will stored.
Mobile devices being adopted rapidly has opened up a new platform to connect users, marketing professionals & production/service companies. When a user wants to get some product or service but have no idea where to consult "Mobile Wish List" aims to be the solution.
People are facing various problems day by day with simple questions not being answered. Every people may not have access to internet and even if the person has access to the internet it s not sure that the person will get the answer. A system can be built comprised with thousands of microworkers where they can earn money with the knowledge of their related field. It will create a network of information where questions and answers will flow in and out from concerned person to person and the whole system being more and more intelligent.
This app helps the news publishing sites and medias by fast accessing of news through various and large population. Every personnel with mobile and this app can be a self-claimed journalist and send their reports/news/research to respective company through this app and can earn money according to the weight of the content and rankings in the company. This app and its respective server side program will make a secure environment to both the parties ie company and its journalist from fraud activities and intellectual theft since it will be marking and tracing GPS location and IPs of the reporter whereas it will have better engine to restrict intellectual theft by companies

We are planning to work on an idea that facilitates the patients/user who wants to share the health problems that they are facing and seeks help for that problem. We are basically focusing the health problems like STDs which people are actually ashamed of to go to the doctors or clinics directly and talk about it.

Our idea will be for knowing the wholesale price of almost all the products required for kitchen i.e that includes all the grocery products, beverage products, fruits,vegetables,snacks etc. The users can be any persons who needs to buy fresh n good quality kitchen grocery in low market price. The micro-workers will be the wholesale shopkeepers. 

Platform: Windows Phone & SMS

Source Code:

Medic Info is a mobile application that will be used to record the medical history of a patient. It will be a record keeper of patient’s medical history. In country like Nepal there is no provision by hospital/Clinic or Doctor to keep patient’s medical history for future reference. Patient after they get service from doctor, they do not keep the prescription received from doctor. Some patients are busy people who do not have time to maintain their medical records. Some patients are not so well educated in country like Nepal; they do not know the importance of Medical record.
Farmers in Nepal are currently facing problem due to diseases and epidemic in plant and animals. If we see the trends of last five years plants and animals are suffering from new type of diseases, making difficult for farmer to diagnosis those diseases. Some of those diseases are incurable by medicines that are available in local market. Such incurable diseases need global attention for problem solving.