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MyNews is an application for citizen reporters. Reporters can take photo, video or just sent texe file using their mobile phones.


MAT-solver is an application where you can post a mathematical problem and ask for a solution. The microworkers send you the solution and get paid.

Microworkers gather information on discounts for different products in stores and add it to app, they get paid when asked to show the shop/retail center where certain product with considerable discount is placed.

Micro picture translator - that will help foreign people to "translate" pictures content as well as get information about them.

CityBugs - Application dedicated to finding and solving city problems... Everyone can write bug and pin on map where is the issue, User can attach Photo, Video and detailed description of it.

Personalized Greetings and Love Letters Writer.

This is a mobile application for selling goods from Teghut village to demonstrate the practical implication of our models. The Teghut Market application helps to meet the buyers and sellers directly and involves volunteer efforts to facilitate the process.

Our application can help people to save environment and get money at the same time. Application lies on idea that people who saw for example in street same garbage capture it and upload to our database which we provide to environmental organizations all around the world.

Business Model enables entrepreneurs, who have ideas to start new business, in making their business models. Entrepreneurs give short description of their ideas in our app and microworkers get money for making a part of business plan for that idea. 

'Car inspector' application is meant for reporting driving violations when spotting them. The microworkers record the violation act they have witnessed by taking a picture or a video. Then the material is sent to the police station database.