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Trash-up is a platform that seeks to create employment while also having a positive impact on the environment. It helps improve and maintain sanitation through garbage collection and recycling it in ways that generate revenue. Jobless individuals sign-up and receive notifications of places that need cleaning.

This solution aims at aiding motorists drive safely by providing driving instructins and warnings on dangerous areas or areas where they should be watchful, hence averting road carnage. Microworkers will submit data that indicate such areas that are considered dangerous or worth watching out for. This data will also be useful in determining the best routes, or starategic points such as filling stations, shopping centres, vehicle repair workshops, etc.

Businesses spend a lot of money in market research looking for the information that mobile phone users already have about their phone contacts. MobiAgent is a solution that gives its user the ability to be an agent and get commission every time they sell a product e.g. event tickets to people his/her phone contacts. 

Kaisari is a compliance monitoring web based system. Registered agents are able to check the status of a business regarding its compliance to the prerequisite requirements as demanded by law. The system aims to aid in identifying and flagging illegal businesses.

Microworkers collect contact information and addresses of different businesses around them and submit the information to a database. This information can then be fetched by users in need, using a mobile application or from a mobile website from their phones.

Subscribers to provide content such as photos, videos, descriptions, presentations, etc on a particular subject of interest and get payed in return. Hackers are required to develop a solution that implements this.

Smart Blackboard is a solution that allows students to pose questions while doing their homework or preparing for tests and receive answers from qualified teachers.

This solutiion will focus on giving feedback and reports by a user located at the venue of a particular meeting or rally in progress.

A company pays to get some raw data converted to digital format by microworkers. Data could be in an image format, where microworkers are required to give a description digitize the data therein.

Companies or organizations may be in need of translating specific information to the language of the local community. Tafsiri is a solution that aims to provide this service, creating employment to multitudes.