Posted on 17 Sep 2012, 5:24 am by infotechnab

Coding ... coding and just coding.... We join the m2workhackathon at the last time with an idea named mobile survey. Idea all about is to give chance to all micro worker all over the world to get job and earn some money anywhere and anytime. Every Organization want to go to huge mass audience to know about their quality of service, their interest and feedback to promote and take a decision on their business for coming future and this application is developed to give solution running in between organization and micro workers.

Posted on 16 Sep 2012, 5:10 pm by bimal.maharjan

Great things happen when great minds come together. Indeed m2work hackathon sep 15-16 in Nepal is testimony to that. When you ignite the spark of enthusiasm in those great minds even greater things happen. m2work hackathon was able to inspire young minds to stretch beyond their comfort zone and scratch their creativity and skills to produce praiseworthy work. m2work hackathon in Nepal was able to produce 10 promising ideas and products based on those ideas.

Posted on 16 Sep 2012, 5:07 pm by bimal.maharjan

The winners for the m2work hackathon sep 15 - 16 in Nepal are:

2nd runner up : Digitize newspaper Articles


1st runner up:  NewsportalApp


Winner : Medic Info


Posted on 16 Sep 2012, 4:42 pm by Vivek Bhusal

@suman humagain @Aditya karki @Sweta Shrestha do all did it.. We all hacked the Hackathon.. Hardwork counts dude.. and of course thanks to @Bimal Maharjan for his undeniable help ....Its time to party.. and of course need to need to work more on this.. below is link to our slide or presentation.... http://www.slideshare.net/vivekbhusal/my-medical-info 

Posted on 16 Sep 2012, 11:58 am by bibhusan

Understand the concept of Microwork, think of idea that is in Nepalese context, conceive a business model and finally develop a working app to their concept. This is what our participants have been dong since past two days and finally they all managed to come up with working prototypes. Each team have now completed their project presentation infront of judges, invited guests and other participants. It is really amazing to see how good they were in making presentations... they all managed to squeeze time for preparing their preparation.


Digitizing newspapers or valuable documents from Libraries that are important. Server will analyse image, process it and split it into small chunks.These chunks will be sent to microworkers who will be converting image into textual form from mobile applications and send it to server. The server will process the submitted result, validate it, pay the worker and finally generate complete information.

Any organization that want to get feedback from their audience, sends a simple form to our system and our system will make that form available to the mobile application. A microworker who want to be part of a survey gets app and through the application he/she fill or send to other who are connected to them. Application installed in the microworker’s mobile will  ask for the form and the server sends the form to the application. Survey data will be changing in time period or as requirement of organization.

People wanting to digitize their document [ or either in case of goverment ] will take the snapshot of the document and send it to server. Server will analyse image, process if necessary and split it into small chunks. Now these chunks will be sent to microworkers who will be actually convert image into textual form by inputting data on system [ that could be either in online form or mobile application ] and send it to server where data will stored.
Mobile devices being adopted rapidly has opened up a new platform to connect users, marketing professionals & production/service companies. When a user wants to get some product or service but have no idea where to consult "Mobile Wish List" aims to be the solution.
People are facing various problems day by day with simple questions not being answered. Every people may not have access to internet and even if the person has access to the internet it s not sure that the person will get the answer. A system can be built comprised with thousands of microworkers where they can earn money with the knowledge of their related field. It will create a network of information where questions and answers will flow in and out from concerned person to person and the whole system being more and more intelligent.