It's an application used to help the deaf or the mute communicate to each other easily, beside used for normal people. 


Tutorial - helps user have the basic knowledge to communicate with the deaf or mute.
Video Dictionary - Help people can look up some words that they need for communicating with the deaf / mute. As you know,  the sign languages are different from other areas, so people can send some sign word that the dictionaries missed to our service, Admin group will check if  it's true & suitable for users to add to the database. It's mean micro-work feature in my application that we wanna improve.
Game- After learning time, user can review what they learned through our games.

*    Our ideas that we can't do during short time:

 +   User can type the sentence that they wanna say to her partner, out application willtranslate to an sign language video. It helps 2 people communicate each other easily.
 +   To understand what the deaf or mute says, user can use the camera to record the partner's gestures, our application can recognize those gestures and translate to textand show on the screen. We think it's a big idea, if it can come true, communication between the deaf, mute and normal people becomes easier.




1. Trần Thị Mỹ Dung

2. Đặng Nhất Duy

3. Võ Hoài Lên

4. Giêng Phát Quý