Mobile devices being adopted rapidly has opened up a new platform to connect users, marketing professionals & production/service companies. When a user wants to get some product or service but have no idea where to consult "Mobile Wish List" aims to be the solution.

Proposed Micro Work Solution:

System refers to : Mobile Wish List app & its creators.

  1. Mobile users make their "Wish Lists" via Mobile Wish List app
  2. Micro Workers (Marketing Professionals) - suggest/answer on the Wish List Item.
  3. User / OP accepts/ignores suggestion/answer by Micro Worker. Accepted answer/suggestion is paid certain amount by the system.
  4. Users get suggested / promoted / freely listed suggestions which are paid by companies i.e. Micro Employers (to the system) for a Wish List Keywords/Question.
  5. Validity/Authenticity of Users/ Micro Users will be taken care of from within the system.


  1. Companies can hire micro workers to promote their product/service.
  2. Description / Location attached to the Wish List Topic will be referenced to attract relevant / localized Micro Workers to contribute. Eg. If you are a sales guy (Micro Worker) for a company in Kathmandu, you'll get to see Wish Lists from Kathmandu.
  3. Companies can offer deals/coupons/discounts to users getting their service via Wish List App.

Platform: Android 

Source Code: