People are facing various problems day by day with simple questions not being answered. Every people may not have access to internet and even if the person has access to the internet it s not sure that the person will get the answer. A system can be built comprised with thousands of microworkers where they can earn money with the knowledge of their related field. It will create a network of information where questions and answers will flow in and out from concerned person to person and the  whole system being more and more intelligent.

Server Side:

  1. System ( Intelligence /Database)
  2. Moderators

Client Side:

  1. Questioner (generates queries or ask for information)
  2. Concerned microworker (give answers on their related field)


Generates general to advanced questions and ask to the system using different modes(Message or apps ). The apps track the GPS location(if available) of the questioner as well which might be useful for answering it.


System divides the questions into individual words. Those words are interpreted  and compared to the pre-registered tags and keywords. At first the system searches related key words in the system itself for possible answer. If it does not find the key work, system searches related microworkers and forward the questions to them.

Concerned Micro-worker (MW):

Each and every single person having a mobile phone can be a micro-worker. For which, MW has to register themselves in the system with the concerned tag(s).For any real time queries, system generates the concerned tag ,that will be messaged with the question and MW has to
send a reply. For each reply MW will be paid with some amount.


Moderator is the person who is directly involved with the system in the real time and will monitor the system for any fail-safe.Moderator will come into act if the system is unable to breakdown the question with associated tags, then the  moderator will breakdown the question himself and apply the tags.

Platform: SMS