Working overview:

Digitizing newspapers or valuable documents from Libraries that are important. Server will analyse image, process it and split it into small chunks.These chunks will be sent to microworkers who will be converting image into textual form from mobile applications and send it to server. The server will process the submitted result, validate it, pay the worker and finally generate complete information.



  • Currently focused on digitizing Newspaper articles. "Himalayan Times" uses to convert their contents, we can get work from our local newspaper owners.


  •     Later we are planning to digitize important Contents from "Old Libraries".
  •     The validity of work will be done with the AI implementation (Machine Learning Technology) on Server Side.


Micro Workers:

  •     Primarily focused on students who are most active mobile users.
  •     Any people who can read and write different kind of languages.


Targeted Platforms:

  •     iPhone Application for hackathon demo.
  •     Android
  •     Blackberry
  •     Symbian (Using Mobile Web Technology)


Improvement Later:

  •     Implementation of sophisticated Machine Learning technology for tasks routing.

Source Code: