Working overview:

People wanting to digitize their document [ or either in case of goverment ] will take the snapshot of the document and send it to server. Server will analyse image, process if necessary and split it into small chunks. Now these chunks will be sent to microworkers who will be actually convert image into textual form by inputting data on system [ that could be either in online form or mobile application ] and send it to server where data will stored.


1. Digitizing property documents of the country
2. People wanting information eg. possible buyers can verify authenticity/genueness of the property without much hasle.


We have imagined two type of microworkers:

paid microworkers who directly gets paid for converting these documents
service microworkers who gets additional services like alerts [ for e.g tax alerts, alerts about people searching their property information etc ] for limited period of time and/or with certain number of work.

Payment to microworkers can be done either by goverment [ 2nd party ] or property owner [ 3rd party ]. In case of property owner he/she can choose to digitize their own property document or pay certain amount to other [ through our system ] to work for them.

Also certain users can buy additional service from our system too which can finance whole process as well improvements

Primary Work:

we will be digitizing documents for primary phase and make our way through additional features like alerts and so on.

Improvement afterwards:

Geotagging of property location will be focus of improvement after completing primary work

Platform: Android

Source Code: