A. Hackathon and Themes

1. What will happen during the Hackathon?

Over two days, teams comprising of ideators, developers with the help of mentors or experts will work together to transform the mobile microwork ideas that they have selected into mobile apps. The mobile apps will be working prototype or complete product.

The five organizers will facilitate the respective hackathon at the local level.

2. What is the theme of the Hackathon?

The theme of the hackathon is developing mobile apps for mobile microwork.

3. Can we bring any other ideas not related to mobile microwork during the hackathon?

No, the ideas need to related to mobile microwork.

4. How will the hackathon ideas be selected?

Ideas will be proposed by the participants which must be related to mobile microwork. The proposed ideas can be fresh or from the m2Work. Browse m2Work ideas here. The winning ideas in m2Work are:

B. Participation

5. How can I participate ?

To participate, click ‘I Want To Participate' to register. And soon, the respective local organizer will contact you for your detail information.

6. When is the registration deadline ?

September 8, 2012

7. Is there any criteria for participation ?

We want individuals passionate about mobile apps and mobile microwork. Since the event is about bringing mobile microwork ideas to life, we want individuals who have submitted their ideas (both winners and others) in earlier m2Work ideation phase to come and join us. At the same time, we want mobile apps developers and enthusiasts willing to work with others on specific mobile microwork ideas.

8. Is there any costs related to participation ?

Organizers will take care of costs related to logistics and food during the hackathon. Hence, there is no cost for participation. Number of participants, however, are limited in each of the countries.

9. Will there be funding support for participation?

Besides costs of logistics and food, participants will bear other costs such as travelling.

10. What is the maximum number of participants?

The number of participants will be decided by local organizers. Individual organizer will inform regarding the number.

11. Do we need to participate for the entire duration ?

Yes. The participants will be working for two days and derive working prototypes or complete products at the end of the second day.

C. The Hackathon

12. Where are the Hackathons conducted ?





East Asia


mLab East Asia

Ho Chi Minh City

Eastern Africa


mLab Eastern Africa


Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia


mLab ECA


Southern Africa

South Africa

mLab South Africa

Tshwane, Cape Town

South Asia


mHub Nepal

Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

13. What are the dates and time of the hackathon?

Date: September 15, 2012 - September 16, 2012

Starting Time


Local Time



9:00 AM (GMT +7:00)

2:00 AM


9:00 AM (GMT +3:00)

6:00 AM


9:00 AM (GMT +4:00)

5:00 AM

South Africa

9:00 AM (GMT +2:00)

7:00 AM


9:00 AM (GMT +5:45)

3:15 AM

14. What do we need to bring during the hackathon ? 

From participants we seek passion, commitment & aptitude to code and ideate & enthusiasm to work with others. The participants must be ready to work for two days and commit to develop working prototypes or complete products. Besides all these, do not forget to bring your laptop (enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity) and its charger. We request participants to be ready with necessary tools and softwares for the development.

15. Do I need to come prepared with ideas and concepts ?

Yes, prior research or resource collection regarding the ideas and mobile apps development will be very helpful in the hackathon or you can join other teams of your interest.

16. Can I form my own team or be part of some other team?

Yes, but you cannot be in two teams.

17. What kind of products/artifacts will be developed during the Hackathon?

By the end of the Hackathon, we are looking for working prototypes if not the finished apps that can then be open-sourced for further development and improvement.

18. Who owns the product/products developed during the hackathon?

Although the codes will be open sourced, the primary owners will be the developers.

19. How many products / prototypes will be developed during the hackathon?

It will depend upon each organizer. Contact local organizers for further information.

20. Will there be competition among teams participating in the hackathon ?

Yes, there will be competition, but only amongst the local teams. Every organizer will appoint judges for evaluation and winners will be awarded.

21. How will the products be shared?

The teams can share their codes using their github account and the hackathon official website will publish the links.

22. Is there a restriction that the project to be developed in a particular mobile development platform?

No. There is no restriction in the mobile application development platform. Each team can work on the platform of its choice. Some of the platforms are  Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, mobile web etc.